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Rose Color
  • 100% Real Blooms That Last 1-3 Years
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BEBE is an iconic symbol of love that transgresses convention. The ideal square shape of porcelain container and undeniable elegance establishes this piece as a timeless tribute to passionate romance. The real 

9 Esor Roses™ (preserved roses that last 1-3 years) are gently nestled on real Spanish Preserved Moss. Perfect for any interior décor and elegant gift for any occasion, celebration or milestone. This Valentine’s Day, how far would you go for love?


    • 9 x Esor Roses™ (preserved to last 1-3 years)
    • Spanish Preserved Moss
    • Black porcelain container 
    • Esor Roses™ are Maintenance-Free Roses™ requiring no water or sunlight. Follow simply rose care instructions provided with your order.

Disclaimer: No two products are alike and variations are present in all our arrangements as all our products are uniquely hand made by our floral artisans.

For customization , please email us at


In order to provide you with the best quality service, we try to process all orders within 24-72 hours. Due to the hand-crafted and made-to-order nature of our products, it may take longer however we will get in touch with you to discuss the status of your order. We ship all orders with tracking allowing you to follow the progress of your order from our atelier to your destination.

    We try to ensure that all products listed on the site are available in stock for despatch to the buyer.  However in case the same product is not available for any reason, we will contact you within 2 business days and give you the option to exchange, delay or cancel the order based on your convenience.

    Although we do our best to ensure your product is perfect from the moment we create it to the moment you receive it, please be advised that Esor Atelier is not liable for the diminished value of the product due to improper handling by the courier service provider or improper aftercare or handling of the product (this includes, but is not limited to, not adhering to the provided usage and aftercare instructions) or broken glass, or accidental damage by the customer.

    For same day deliveries in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) please contact us via our live chat service below or via email:

    COVID-19 Shipping Delays:

    Due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 restrictions, you may experience shipping delays of your order.  Continue to check your order status with the tracking number provided. Thank you for your understanding.


    Esor Atelier's preserved (eternal) roses are 100% real roses and therefore are classified as perishable items, meaning that we cannot accept returns, refunds or exchanges. Additionally, any customized arrangements are also cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.

    If you receive the product damaged due to shipping, please take pictures of the shipping box, the product packaging and the product within 24 hours of receiving the product. Please send all pictures with your order number to and we will look into your request. 

    Returning a Gift Card

    Gift Cards are not returnable after purchase (except as required by law).


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    Please follow the care instructions below for ensuring your roses and other preserved florals last for 1-3 years. Failure to adhere to these care instructions may damage the roses and result in reduced shelf-life.


    • There is NO need to water your preserved roses.
    • Any moisture or high humidity (above 80%) can also cause roses to fade & disintegrate.
    • Even moisture from your own skin can transfer to rose petals & diminish their color & shape.


    • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or dry environments as they can cause roses to dry up, making them brittle & fragile.
    • Recommended Temperature 18 - 22 °C.
    • Keep the roses away from open flames such as Candles, etc.


    • Do NOT pull or pluck roses out of their arrangement/display.
    • Never stack anything on top. 
    • Although preserved roses are non-toxic, they're not meant for consumption.
    • Avoid contact as it may transfer or stain clothes, skin, walls, etc.
    • Only for indoor use.


    • Keep them in a dust-free area, if possible.
    • Occasionally dust the roses with either a soft makeup brush or a blow dryer on a cool, gentle setting at a safe distance away from roses.


    • Only applicable to Glass Domes (Cloches). Handle glass carefully.
    • Air contains some gases, water vapors, and dust particles that stick to transparent glass panes and settle down which may lead to a hazy or cloudy appearance. 
    • Gently lift the glass dome. Use a microfiber clothe to carefully clean the inside and outside of the glass. A streak-free glass cleaner is recommended to clean the glass.
    • Another option is to gently wash the glass in tepid water (slightly warm) with small amount of dish-soap. Use a soft pad or towel to place the glass dome on. Dry the inside and outside with a micro-fiber cloth. Gently place the glass dome back on its base.
    • All of our products are made-to-order and handcrafted, minor imperfections & irregularities may occur therefore these cannot be considered as a fault or defect. 
    • We strive to provide farm-fresh to you so your preserved roses can at least 1 year and more. Therefore, we don't stock all selection of colour at our warehouse. We reserve the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value as required to ensure the timely delivery of your floral arrangement/gifts while aiming to exceed your expectation. 
    • If you have a request for a certain colour that you see is 'sold out' or not available or you simply would like to be a part of your arrangement, chances are we can get it from our growers within a week or two (depending on incoming shipment arrival time, it may even be possible to have it within few days). Kindly contact us for inquiries at Prices may vary for special orders.
    • Please note: Placing dark coloured roses next to light coloured roses may cause colour transfer from dark roses to the light roses
    • We do not provide a certain guarantee regarding the lifetime of the roses, our only promise is that they last “at least” 1 year, however, this is completely dependent upon the aftercare of the rose, providing that all the care instructions are followed, it will remain in its original condition and last.
    • Our preserved roses are just as fragile as their fresh counterparts. Minor cracks on rose petals are inevitable. It’s possible to have rose petals fall off if they aren’t handled with care. However, it rarely happens in transit so please buy with complete confidence.
    • Due to the unique nature of our roses and materials, variations can occur in colour and final appearance.
    • Actual colours may vary due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual colour may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

    For further details see our Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy. For inquiries contact us at

    This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


    Each product is meticulously handcrafted at our Design Atelier in Toronto, Canada.

    Why buy fresh-cut roses that wilt & wither away in just few days when you can get our eternal roses that keep their natural, timeless beauty & elegance for 1-3 years.

    Esor Roses™ are made from 100% natural fresh roses that are cut at their prime and undergo a special preservation process to replace the water & nutrients with a proprietary plant-based formula that prolongs the longevity of roses.

    Esor Roses™ are bio-degradable, pesticide-free, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic. 

    Esor Roses™ are not artificial, freeze-dried or dehydrated.


    Unlike fresh-cut roses that require constant care (pruning, watering, providing sunlight & plant-food, etc.) to ensure they stay fresh for a few days. After that you will need to buy again Esor's eco-friendly Esor Roses™ are zero-maintenance as they do not require water, sunlight or plant-food*. In the long run you save time, money & stay fresh in your recipient's mind.

    (*Care Instructions are provided with each arrangement)

    Sustainable Benefits of Preserved Flowers:

    Preserved flowers positively impact on the environment are as follows:
    ● Low Carbon Footprint
    ● Less Energy Consumption
    ● Fewer Resources and Chemicals Used
    ● Easy Maintenance
    ● Waste Reduction

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