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Welcome To An Enchanting World Of Esor Atelier™

We live in a complicated world with a lot of challenges thrown at us and we need to find moments in our life to curate long-term relationships with kind words, thoughtful gestures and heartfelt acts. Traditionally, we express our sentiments with fresh-cut flowers however these wilt and wither away in few days and those sentiments are often short-lived.

I welcome you to the House of Esor Atelier™ - a luxe floral boutique that specializes in real flowers which have been preserved to last 1-3 years, are kinder to the environment and hand-arranged into spellbinding floral creations.

Esor Florals™ are zero-maintenance (no need provide water or sunlight), economical (long shelf-life reduces the frequency of buying fresh-floral counterparts), and sustainable (reducing carbon-footprint through out the floral industry's supply chain).

Esor Atelier™ prides itself to offer our patrons the world’s largest selection of only the finest & rarest preserved floral arrangements. Beyond the whims of trends, Esor's floral designs are timeless, known for their deceptive simplicity and deliberate intricacy.

ESOR is “ROSE” written backwards to signify our modern approach in redefining the gift-giving of flowers. We hope our gifts continue to lighten your face up with smiles and also on the faces of the lovely recipients!

xoxo - Amber, Co-Founder Esor Atelier

Brand Ethos

Esor Atelier™ started with a vision to be the ultimate “House of Preserved Floral Arrangements™” in the world by offering unrivalled, coveted products and unparalleled customer service that celebrates special moments, creates intimate connections, and offers thoughtful luxury to discerning clients with a focus on sustainability, versatility, and longevity.

We consider the fusion of natural wonder, extraordinary human ingenuity to preserve roses and the creative processes through which our timeless floral arrangements emerge an irresistible vision of flower-lover's reality. Delivering our high-end products & services are critical to our purpose of elevating the luxury floral gift-giving and celebrating special moments in life.

Our pursuit of perfection includes continuously enhancing our standards, bringing innovative products, and investing in our planet. These values are an integral part of the framework we use to recruit people, develop them, and assess and reward their performance.

Savoir-faire & Métiers d'Art

Our bespoke collections are a still-image of nature & art that surround us. 

Esor Atelier™ elegantly reinterprets time through exceptional creations that combine the House’s preserved roses and other preserved flowers with the Art of Fine Floristry.

Esor's savoir-faire is an eternal ebb-and-flow, a dialogue between the desire and the floral creativity, precision using finest quality preserved flowers. To unite the “savoir” with the “faire”, Esor Atelier’s™ Master Floral Artisans unwaveringly employ

“One Artisan, One Arrangement” Philosophy

Presiding over every step of the journey of an arrangement from ideation to delivery. No stage is bypassed, no shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters every step of the way to ensure it leaves a lasting impression on our customers and their recipients, encouraging a long-lasting bonds with our brand.

we are the future of flowers

Flowers are powerful symbols to express feelings. However, behind the beautiful bouquets of fresh-cut flowers is a significant environmental and human costs. The floral industry and consumers are shifting from the more traditional offering of fresh-cut flowers to preserved floral offerings. At Esor Atelier, we wanted to bring our passion for flowers in a more economical, ecological, and sustainable way. While traditional fresh-cut flowers work for short-term installation or décor, they wilt & wither away in a week or two and they are incredibly delicate requiring constant care.

Once the customer has purchased and enjoyed them for a few days, these dead roses and other flowers end up in garbage and transported to landfills instead of being composted. According to one estimate, roughly 100 million roses grown for a typical Valentine’s Day in the United States produce about 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions…, and 98 tons is wasted and sent to landfills. Furthmore, 45% of the flowers managed by the floral industry die before they are even sold. That’s almost one out of every two flowers! Our preserved flowers have a positive impact on the environment with their Low Carbon Footprint, Less Energy Consumption, Zero-Maintenance and Waste Reduction.

We scoured the world to partner with growers who employ ethical farming practices in growing roses and other flowers by using ground-breaking preservation techniques. We only source our preserved (eternal) roses and other flowers from the world's best growers located in Ecuador, Colombia, and Japan offering the highest quality of preserved flowers.

Sustainable Benefits of Preserved Flowers:

Preserved flowers positively impact on the environment are as follows:
● Low Carbon Footprint
● Less Energy Consumption
● Fewer Resources and Chemicals Used
● Easy Maintenance
● Waste Reduction


We have thoughtfully curated every step of the buying process to an ultimate unboxing experience.

Our signature red boxes are wrapped with a black satin ribbon hand-tied into a bow to complete the sophisticated look.

Inside the box, each product is securely packed and comes with a Esor Blooms™ Care Instructions Card.

absolute devotion

Perfection exsists in the exquisite details, down to the very last petal.

Our bespoke product is hand-arranged at our Atelier in Toronto, Canada. Each finished product contains a Certificate Of Authenticity bearing the signature of the Artisan to attest that it has been carefully examined and packaged.

realizing the vision

Bespoke is a true collboration between our customers and artisan where conception starts with a single flower.

A dedicated Floral Concierge Specialists are available via Live Chat, Email or Phone to understand the will/vision of the customer and help select a product, further customize it, personalize it (colors, patterns, vessels, logos, messages, ribbons, engravings, etc.) or even commission a fully bespoke arrangement that suits their budget & vision.


We strategically partner with other brands, social-media influencers, bloggers, and celebrities to bring collaborative content, campagins, products and sweepstakes. 

We cater to individuals, corporations, luxury business operators in the hospitality sector,  event management companies, interior designers, car dealerships, real estate establishments/agents, and more! 

Each bespoke arrangement is shipped direct to your operation/door. 

To learn more about our B2B subscription model, partner with us or for wholesale inquries contact us at


At Esor Atelier™, the possibilities of designing a one-of-a-kind arrangement are endless.

Our Concierge service assigns a dedicated Client Advisor (a Floral Designer) who will help bring your floral vision to reality to suit your budget, branding and occasion.  They will discuss and further personalize your arrangement with engraving options, custom ribbon, custom  rose color/patterns and much more.

Contact our Floral Concierge and a specialist will help you design your arrangement, provide a quote, or plan your perfect event.

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