Valentine’s Day normally brings excitement and joy to those in a loving relationship. While, for those who are single and not exactly looking forward to red hearts, pink flowers, and cute surprises, the day hits different.

But just because you feel Valentine’s Day is celebrated with someone special only doesn’t mean you cannot make the day special for yourself. You must do whatever helps you reconnect with yourself and admire the awesome person you are on the inside.

Here are some super fun things to do when you're single on Valentine's Day: 

  • Attend any Creative Class

  • Art classes are a great way to interact with people and make new friends. Even if you feel that your hand isn’t steady enough to paint or make pottery, still go because the relaxing atmosphere and creative aura will be a healthy activity for you. Moreover, if you find some other fun things to do on Valentine’s Day like beginner-friendly cooking lessons or sewing boot camp, go for it! These classes offer a great opportunity to learn new hobbies while providing a fun environment for single people. 

  • Design your own Floral Arrangement 

  • Flowers are a vibrant color palette of eye-pleasing shades, a treat to both the eyes and the soul. So, why not indulge yourself in something craftier and more creative?

    You can customize on our website and design your own preserved rose bouquet, and then arrange them according to your taste and liking at home. Esor Atelier concierge helps customize eternal flower arrangements according to your preference. 

    That being said, everyone can gift a dozen red roses but there’s nothing more special than a customized floral arrangement. 

    Our exclusive Valentine’s Day collection has a sparkling range of forever flowers from preserved hydrangeas to white and red eternal roses. Explore the very many options and uplift your mood with everlasting flowers.

  • It’s Self-Love Time

  • The idea of treating yourself to date may seem strange and out of question. But since Valentine’s Day is all about love, why not learn to be happy alone? 

    All you have to do is light up some glittering candles to fill up the room with a calming aura and next make the couch your best friend. Give yourself a massage to relieve stress or a makeover to look fresh. You can also enjoy a peaceful reading time while soaking your feet in warm water with healing bath salts. Whatever you do, be sure to live the moment because self-care on Valentine’s Day is the best thing to treat yourself to. 

    Here at Esor Atelier, we have a fine range of luxury candles made from the finest essential oils and rose scents. Choose between the popular Rose Oud & Amber or get your hands on the calming Sweet Rose scent.  

    In addition to this, you can also check out our Wellness Collection focused on helping you achieve a positive mind and soul. From staying hydrated with our luxury water bottle featuring an eternal rose to treating yourself to an elegant glass terrarium with a combo of eternal roses, preserved moss, healing crystals-covered tree.  

    Whatever you plan to do on 14th Feb, just be sure to keep yourself happy. Resonate happy vibes around you, get some sleep if that makes you feel good, or go out and explore the furthest nook of your town. And most importantly, remind yourself that you are lovely and worthy of love!


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