Gift-giving for birthdays is a strenuous task at hand, especially when you struggle to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. That is to say, men are hands-down the hardest people to shop for. While there are some usuals that you can always rely on as your saving grace, you should still be equally excited about the entire gifting process. 

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation, or the most celebrated day of the year, Valentine, you must get all the inspiration you need to spoil them. 

We have rounded up a list of the 11 Unique Birthday Gifts for Men 2022. Be it your husband, son, brother, father, grandpa, boyfriend, or friend, surprise them all with a special gift that says it all.

  • A New Grooming Kit 
  • Treat your men to an elevated grooming experience with a curated grooming kit and save them from the trouble of running through grocery store aisles with a basket full of random products. Either hand-pick items from their favorite collection or get an already prepared grooming gift set for men. This will not only give them a chance to try out new products but will also give them a reason to pamper their grooming routine with style. 

  • A Monthly Coffee Subscription  
  • Coffee lovers are always on the lookout for some really good coffee and if any of the male personalities in your life fall under the same umbrella, then your gift is sorted! 

    All you have to do is search around for some good coffee companies or coffeehouses that offer monthly subscriptions, and your problem will be solved. In addition to this, you can add an extra element of fun by getting a coffee subscription for different cultures of the world.  And then see how a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning spreads a smile on his face. 

    Alas! the best gift idea for him.

  • A Smart Gadget for a Tech-Freak 
  • Guys are always big on technology. Thus, when it comes to deciding gift ideas for men, smart tech accessories lead the list. From a mechanical watch to a super speaker or even an electric toothbrush, there are innumerable smart gadgets for men.

    Get a smart mug for your father, a fitness ring for your husband, and a Nintendo switch for your brother. 

  • A Statement Piece for Home Décor 
  • Have a home décor lover who is also a history enthusiast on your gift list? Then look no further, as this floral mater piece will be the perfect gift for him on his birthday.

    Inspired by the Greek Renaissance, this eternal rose statue health is sculpted with great attention to detail. The forever flowers arrangement features a vibrant display of preserved hydrangeas. That is to say, for anyone who has a knack for European history, this long-lasting white hydrangeas sculpture is a most-loved pick. Moreover, the preserved hydrangeas are sure to add a hint of luxury to dining rooms, bookshelves, office tables, or even your garden patio. Thereby, elevating the home with a modern design element. 

  • A New Wool Sweater for His Wardrobe 
  • Winters are always about finding the right set of layers to dress in style. And this year, as the temperatures approach the negative side of the scale, woolen sweaters are the best gift for men. 

    Something cozy, something warm yet something super soft, sweaters come in all styles and colors. And most importantly, they make a great wardrobe essential for men. From ribbed knits to checkered patterns and warm earthy tones to deep blues, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can also go for a timeless look with something in shades of blue and red to color compliment Valentine’s Day.

    However, be sure to cross-check the size for a perfect fit before you go shopping.

  • A Book from His Favourite Author 
  • Get an inspiring gift for him on his birthday or Valentine’s Day this year. And what’s more inspiring than a book from his favorite genre or something he is enthusiastically invested in or something he wants to learn about. 

    That is to say, you can choose from, cryptocurrency, stock markets, economics, crime thrillers, food, world history, politics, current affairs, science fiction, and many more. 

    This gift won’t just translate as a thoughtful keepsake for a lifetime but will also reflect on your relationship with a recipient in a good way. Be it a gift for your dad or your brother, husband, or a friend, books are always finding their way through as a meaningful present. 

    So, if you are looking for unique gift ideas for men, then be sure to search for the best reads and you will find the best-suited pick. 

  • A Gift Basket with His Favourite Goodies 
  • Gift baskets can never grow old and thus, are the safest option for gifting on any special occasion as well. Whether you have a last-minute recipient on your list or someone difficult to shop for, gift baskets always come to the rescue. 

    Check out our wholesome Enzo gift basket designed especially for the men in your life. Featuring a rustic antique truck that holds a fine collection of treats from across different continents, this is a unique gift basket for men. 

  • A Set of Kitchen Tools for a Chef-At Home
  • For men who love to flaunt their culinary skills at home, there’s nothing better than a set of kitchen tools. And this ten-piece kitchen tool set qualifies as a perfect unique birthday gift for men. From curating fine meat cuts, to cutting rustic bread loaves, this kitchen set is a modern-must have for a dad who loves to cook age-old family recipes and also for a husband who is a weekend chef at home.


  • A Neck Massager 
  • As work from home is headed towards an indefinite route, we need more and more accessories to keep our home office comfortable to work in. And this brings us to an ideal gift for his birthday – a neck massager. 

    So, surprise your boyfriend or your husband with a kind gesture by gifting them a cozy neck massager this time around and helping them ease their neck pains with a relaxing heat-generated massage that too in the comfort of their office chair. 

  • A Flower Bouquet 
  • A gorgeous bouquet of flowers makes for a classic Valentine's gift for men because everyone loves receiving flowers on this special day, so why would men be an exception?

    Choose from our signature preserved rose collection and add a touch of lightly scented elegance to either his office room or the living room. And the bonus part? These are eternal roses and therefore will last as long as three years, the promise of eternal love!

     You can also pair it up with a lovely scented candle and alas! you have him hinting at a date night at home.. wink! wink! 

  • A Fitness Dice for a Gym-Enthusiast
  • If he is a fitness enthusiast and you are still struggling to find gift ideas for him, then this wooden fitness cube is the perfect gift for his birthday. It not only gives him an easy-at-home workout regime but will also show how much attention you pay to his likes and dislikes. All he has to do is roll them and the dices will decide his workout for him. 

    With Valentine's Day peeking around the corner and birthdays coming all year round, all men in your life deserve the best present. And no matter what gifts you give them, they will surely love them. 

    If you need more gift ideas for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions, check out our gift guides and exclusive preserved hydrangeas collection.


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