Thank You Gift Ideas For Special People In Your Life

Thank You Gift Ideas For Special People In Your Life

Thank you gifts are a great way, to express your gratitude. Be it a box of chocolates, flowers, or gift cards, even the simplest thank you gift goes a long way. Whether you want to thank a friend who went the extra mile, a colleague that helped you out of a really bad jam at work, or even a family member. It is all about finding a little something for them to feel special and be reminded of your kindness.

Here is Esor Atelier we have curated a list of thoughtful thank you gift ideas for all those people who have made a difference in your life.


1- Clara – Featuring a vibrant arrangement of preserved roses in a black metal glass terrarium, this box of flowers makes the ideal thank gift for your bestie. These preserved flowers will last for over a year with proper care, making your friends smile day after day thinking of your sweet gesture.

2- Cozy Gift Box with Self Care – If you are looking to gift something that falls under the umbrella of both personal and practical, then a customized gift box would be an ideal thank you gift idea. You can throw in a cozy blanket, face roller, some room slippers, a self-reflection journal, and other favorite things your recipient might like. 

To further elevate the gift box, you can browse our preserved rose collection and add a lasting touch to your thank you gift. Jules is our best-selling glass terrarium with three eternal roses portraying the symbol of long-lasting love. 


3- Candles – Candles are said to make everything feel better. And most importantly, every candle has a unique scent speaking to one’s personal style. And therefore, are a great way to extend your gratitude most thoughtfully. We at Esor have an exclusive collection of rose-scented candles that will light up the room with a fresh scent.

Candles evoke a  sense of peace and beauty, and the long-lasting burn time allows the recipient to enjoy your gift for a longer period of time than some other gifts. Browse our collection now and see if you find something personalized for your friend, boss, mother, or even your doctor. You can also purchase one for yourself and place it in your kitchen or your nightside to elevate the feel of your room. 


4- Flowers and Chocolates – Nothing beats the classic combination of flowers and chocolates and speaks of luxury at the same time. But the downside of gifting flowers that they wilt soon, so skip the inevitable disappointment and send in real roses that last forever. Giselle is our heart-shaped hat box hosting a vibrant display of eternal roses and chocolates, a perfect thank you gift for those who love chocolates and cherish flowers.

5- Recipe Tin – If you are looking forward to thanking a foodie or cooking enthusiast then something related to the kitchen would be a great thank you gift idea for them. Recipe Tins are becoming a thing these days and go a long way because of their eye-pleasing design and practical approach.

6- A Box of Cookies – One can never go wrong with sweet treats and cookies are an all-time favourite pick when it comes to sending thank you gifts. You choose from royal icing cookies, classic chocolate chip cookies and even just vanilla wafers. Pair it up with beautiful Preserved flowers and a customized thank you note for that added special touch. 

The best thank you gift ideas are ones that can stay with the recipients for a long time, reminding them of how their kindness did not go unnoticed by you. Add a personalized touch to your gift with Esor Atelier. Choose between our special collections featuring velvet boxes, premium glass terrariums and hat boxes, or create a custom arrangement for a unique thank you gift for the special people in your life. 

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