Flowers for Women's Day

Flowers for Women's Day

Every year, March 8 is celebrated globally as the International Women’s Day to celebrate the women in our lives. From honoring the spirit of womanhood and celebrating their contributions to the society to saluting their achievement and raising awareness, this day has its own symbols and traditions. But one thing that remains constant is flowers because all women love flowers. 

Flowers for Women’s Day 

We all know that flowers are associated very closely with women, and thus, are the most feminine gift. Be it a floral dress, a jewellery piece, or a blooming forever flower bouquet. 

Some of the most popular Women’s Day flowers include:

Roses – Known to represent the language of love, roses are the most popular gift idea for women. 

Mimosas - Mimosa is the leading symbolic flower associated with International Women’s Day. These bright yellow toned flowers are wavy, is known to be an energetic and lively flower to share with someone special.

Tulips – Taking its roots from the spring season, tulip is both, elegant and pretty and look beautiful when added to a bouquet.

Lilies – Capturing the true essence of feminine beauty, lilies represent the many phases of womanhood including motherhood. Gift it to your mother or your wife and see how it becomes a hit.  

Sunflower – Blooming in a vibrant colour palette of yellow, sunflowers are thoroughly adored by all women. Taking tis meaning from the sun, they symbolize anything from positivity and strength to admiration and loyalty

Daisies – Symbolizing purity and innocence, daisies are a great gift idea for Women’s Day.

Gerberas – Gerberas represent the sunshine of life and perfectly light up any room they are placed in with their bright appearance. And therefore, qualify as an ideal gift to honour the “sunshine” in your life. 

While each flower symbolizes strength, prestige, grace, pride, and feminism, the colour also matters. Flowers in shades of purple, white, pink and yellow are commonly attributed with Women’s Day.

Exquisite Flowers for Women’s Day that Last Long

A vibrant custom arrangement of flowers is sure to leave your loved ones surprised. Esor Atelier offers a multitude of choices that can also be customized for Women’s Day. 

Our Hat Box preserved flower arrangement will be the perfect gift idea for Women’s Day. The suede and acrylic box feature a beautifully crafted arrangement of real roses that can last up to three years; a special way to show the women in your life how much you love them. 

  • Women’s Day Gift for Wife
  • Angeline features an absolutely stunning arrangement of preserved roses in a luxurious, heart-shaped velvet Parisian hat-box. It contains delicate rows of 20-25 Esor Preserved Roses. With nine different colours to choose from, these long-lasting roses will be a great gift to thank you your wife. 

    Be sure to plan ahead so that your beautiful Women’s Day gift arrives on time.

  • Women’s Day Gift for Mother and Grandmother
  • Another showstopper from Esor Atelier’s preserved rose collection is Renée. Sporting elegance, this Parisian-inspired hat-box is a true expression of love. Thus, a great Women’s Day gift for your mother and grandmother. 

    It features 12-16 dome shaped, 100% real preserved roses that will last any time between 1-3 years. The Ferrero Rocher hidden in the drawer help create another layer of surprise. Decorated with exclusive pearl ribbon, this hat box has a practical drawer that can be used for storing jewelry, make-up or other valuables close to their heart. 

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