Chinese New Year, also famous as the Spring Festival is celebrated by millions across the globe. Following the phases of the moon, the Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated for a span of sixteen days. The festivities begin on the New Year’s Eve and end at the grand Chinese Lantern Festival. 

The date of Chinese New Year constantly changes each year, but still always falls in the bracket of January and February. This year, the Lunar Year falls on 31st January and so, the celebrations will last till February 15th. 

Each year is associated with an animal sign according to the Chinese Zodiac, and this year is the Year of the Tiger, most specifically the Year of Water-Tiger. And just like all other cultures, the Chinese community also celebrates their new year following the long-standing traditions.

Here are some commonly practiced traditions when it comes to gifting on the Chinese New Year,

  • Cleaning the house 
  • Families begin the preparations for the new year three weeks in advance. The cleaning goes on for days to wash up any bad luck from the last year, glistening the house to welcome the new year with nothing, but good vibes and blessings. Thereby, making way for good luck in the coming times. 

    In addition to this, it is of critical importance to stow away all cleaning supplies including brooms sticks because sweeping away when the celebrations begin is considered as sheer bad luck. 

  • Decorations 
  • Before the Chinese New Year’s Eve, families visit supermarkets to buy food, snacks, fireworks, and decorations. 

    The Chinese New Year decorations include well-wishing red banners to paper crafts, paintings, and lanterns.

    House is decorated with beautiful paintings featuring the animal sign the coming year would represent, 2022 being the year of Water-Tiger. Putting lanterns and other decorations means that evil will be kept away, and houses will be blessed with success, wealth, and health. 

  • Giving Hong Bao (lucky money)
  • The Chinese New Year is observed as the most joyful time of the year for all children in China and those who are celebrated across the globe. The reason is Hong Bao i.e. lucky money. 

    That is to say all kids and elderly who aren’t financially independent are given red envelopes with money. 

    The custom of giving this bright red envelope stems from age-old Chinese New Year history. While the tradition mainly centers on children, with years it has become a gesture of sharing the wealth with other members of the family and also friends. Therefore, different sums of crisp bills are given to each relation. 

    However, as part of the Chinese New Year tradition, any sums of 4,40,400 are highly discouraged as the word “four” in the Chinese dialect sounds similar to the word “death”.

    So, if you are still planning gift ideas for Chinese New Year, get a bright red envelope and give Hong Bao. 

  • Flowers as Good Luck Gifts
  • During the celebrations, a variety of flowers are shared among family, friends, colleagues, and general acquaintances as gifts for Chinese New Year. These floral gifts hold positive meanings and are exchanged with good intentions.

    From beautiful orchids to vibrant red peonies and willow plants, the Chinese culture symbolizes several flowers as well-wishing gifts for the new year. 

    Check out Zheng, our preserved pussy willow flower arrangement if you are looking for gift ideas for the Lunar Year. Featuring an eye-pleasing color palette of fuchsia and bright yellow, this pussy willow vase is a perfect way to welcome happy blessings on the Chinese New Year. The arrangement also features a prosperous tassel.

    Pussy willows are associated with growth, and prosperity, therefore they symbolize good blessings for the year ahead. That is to say, either get a pussy willow plant as a gift for your family friends or get one to decorate you for the Chinese New Year festive season.

  • New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner 
  • The Reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is a much-anticipated tradition in Chinese culture. It not only signifies unity amongst all family members but is also an evening of being grateful for the past year. Moreover, the dinner features dishes that are known to bring good fortune.

    Some of these Chinese New Year recipes include:

    • Dumplings- known to bring a wealth 
    • Noodles – known for longevity
    • Fish – known to bring a prosperous life
    • Sweet Treats – known to bring happy moments in life 

    So, you can plan to cook a family dinner together for New Year’s Eve or order in from your favorite restaurants. But if someone has invited you over for dinner then be sure to take some beautiful preserved flower arrangements for your hosts, wishing them prosperity and luck for the new year. You can choose gifts for the Chinese New Year from our range of forever flowers arrangements.  

    Chinese New Year is a grand celebration, it not only marks the beginning of the new Lunar Year but also the arrival of Spring. It is believed to bring good fortune and an abundance of harvest for all those celebrating. From bright colors to paper crafts and paintings, the celebration is host to all kinds of fun activities and traditions, allowing people of all age groups to enjoy the holidays fully. 


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