Evil Eye Rose Arrangements

Evil Eye Rose Arrangements

The evil eye symbol dates back to Greek and Roman times and has been an integral part of many cultures since then. Known to bring good luck and ward off the bad, the evil eye symbol, brings protection and generates positive energy. 

History of the Evil Eye

Back in Roman times, people believed that the evil eye was an expression of envy, misfortune, and pain. It was also believed that anyone who was praised more than they truly deserved, put them at a greater risk of harm and misfortune. 

The Idea of Evil Eye Rose Collection

With increasing popularity over recent years, the evil eye has been incorporated in various everyday accessories and home décor items both, in different shapes and sizes to shield the household from unpleasant happenings. 

As a means to dismal the dark spirits and bad omens, an evil eye talisman was created. The talisman was introduced as a symbol on a glass bead. It features a combination of recurring dark blue, light blue, and white circles, giving it the appearance of an eye. It is said to protect those who wear it from envious eyes and negativity. The talisman is commonly seen in jewelry pieces, household items like cookware, and serving dishes. And this is how the evil eye rose collection was designed. 

The evil eye preserved rose arrangements are made to feature the talisman, preserved roses in shades of black/dark blue, light blue, and white are used to create the evil eye arrangement. Lasting for up to three years, the evil eye preserved roses protect against the evil eye and turn away the harm and misfortune that is caused by the evil eye, making for a great gift idea for friends and family. 

Meaning of Each Colour in the Evil Eye Preserved Rose Collection

The evil eye’s dark blue, light blue, black, and white have their own positive meanings

  • Blue is the color of peace and serenity. Sends a message of calmness and tranquility.
  • White signifies purity, innocence, and untouched beauty. 
  • Black is a strong, mysterious, and powerful color representing .rebirth and rejuvenation

When to Gift the Evil Eye Talisman

Since the evil eye talisman is used to bring good luck and positive energy, it, therefore, is a great gift idea for anyone who is celebrating a life-changing event be it a bridal shower, baby shower, housewarming parties, graduation, and events of similar nature. That is to say, for anyone around you who needs an extra bit of luck, an evil eye talisman would be the best gift idea.


Evil Eye Preserved Roses at Esor Atelier

We at Esor Atelier are proud to announce our exclusive collection of Evil Eye rose arrangements. Be sure to explore our website for different Evil Eye Rose Arrangements that we have come up with. These stunning preserved roses featuring the evil eye are said to bring luck, positive energy, and good fortune to you and your family and make for a perfect gift idea as they last a year. 

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