3 Beautiful Table Spread Ideas for Valentine’s Day 

If you are hosting Valentine’s Day dinner and are looking to add a touch of romance around the house, then you’ve come to the right place. 

With so many art boards and craft ideas for Valentine’s Day, the task at hand may be a bit too overwhelming than decorating for the holiday season. But if you have all the craft supplies in your basement, you can make still the best out of it. 

Whether you are hosting a candlelight dinner for two or celebrating Valentine’s Day with family, you do need a lovely table spread. Here are 3 beautiful table decor ideas for Valentine’s Day:

  • Red and Romantic 
  • Red is perceived as the color of love, and this is why red roses on Valentine’s Day hold a charm like none other. Set up a table with pops of preserved roses in red and pink, cute mini preserved roses, or if you want to pull off a statement look, go for bigger long-lasting eternal roses because these eternal flowers can be then kept safely until next year to be used again.

    To further elevate the romantic aesthetics of the table set up, you can add long stem eternal flowers to sleek vases and pair them up with other cute Valentine-themed table accessories.  And if you want to have a nice backdrop for pictures, get a balloon garland or go craft and make a DIY backdrop on the wall using paper heart cuttings, fairy lights, and kraft paper. 

  • Sweet, Simple, and Scented 
  •  If you are someone who isn’t a fan of bold color themes like bright reds and fuchsia pinks, then you can stick to pastel colors. 

    Set the table with blush pink or cream-colored runners, add ceramic plates and matt rose gold glassware or candle stands to add a hint of luxury to your Valentine’s Day décor. And since no table is complete without a center floral piece, add one with plenty of light pinks and whites for an intimate feel. 

    And if you want your flowers to last longer then be sure to check out our signature forever flowers collection for a wide variety of pastel-shaded preserved roses.

  • Bold, Moody, and Rustic 
  • Dark and moody table settings are a perfect compliment to a chilly Valentine’s Day. Incorporate some rich shades of purple, blue, and dark green to elevate your dinner table. In addition to this place some strong scented black candles with gold accent candle holders or vases. 

    Our quintessential single preserved rose box, Sylvie qualifies as a great pick for moody table decors for Valentine’s Day. This eternal rose comes in different colors and has a gold foil base, adorning the overall look with effortless elegance. Above all, be sure to match the floral arrangement with your linen for an eye-pleasing aesthetic. 

    Celebrations don’t always have to be grand and fancy, you can be minimal and still manage to pull off an extravagant dinner just because the décor pulled it all together. So, make the most out of Valentine’s Day by going the extra mile to set up a lovely dinner table for him or your loving family and friends. 

    Good luck with your Valentine’s Day décor, and lastly, be sure to spread love and happiness around. 



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