Corporate Valentine gift ideas for Clients and Employees

Corporate Valentine gift ideas for Clients and Employees

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has evolved from more than just a celebration of love. That is to say, it is the perfect time of the year for corporations to extend a generous gratitude towards their employees and clients. And what better way than corporate Valentine’s Day gifts?

Here is a list of some personalized corporate gift ideas for your clients and employees:



A single preserved rose arranged in a crystal embedded vase. This is a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea when it comes to corporate gifts. You can get it customized with a preserved rose color of your choice, a ribbon with company logo and name engraving. 

We also have other single eternal rose options in hat boxes, acrylic boxes and glass vases. Check out our website for more details on specialized Valentine’s Day gifts.   


Gourmet Cookie Gift Set 

Cookies are a classic Valentine’s Day treat that is truly enjoyed by all. So, this year for your company’s corporate gifts, get an assorted box of gourmet cookies and customize it with your brand message and a cute note for your lovely client base and hardworking employees. 



Candles are the safest option when it comes to corporate gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. At Esor Atelier we have the finest selection of infused candles. Featuring rose scents with a combination of oudh and jasmine, our candles are 100% organic soy wax candles. You can contact our concierge and get the candle packaging customized to your liking for Valentine’s Day. 


Acrylic Lock Box 

Wow away your female clients and employees with this exquisite keepsake. Alida is one of our best-selling preserved rose statement pieces. Not only will it classify as a trendy accessory but can also be used later for storing dainty accessories. Customize it with your choice of preserved rose or engrave it with the recipient's name, and you will have for yourself a unique corporate gift for Valentine’s Day.


Chocolate Hamper 

Go the traditional way, and put together an assorted chocolate hamper to thank your client base for showing love and support to your business. Add a handwritten or personalized printed note and get some love back for your business. 


Spread love and show gratitude with Lucie. Featuring the best of both worlds, i.e macarons and preserved roses, this Valentine’s Day corporate gift is sure to please, both the eyes and the taste buds. In addition to the macarons, we also give an option to add your favorite chocolate or you can leave the drawer empty and add any of your company’s branding merchandise. 

Olivia - Healing Crystal Water Bottle 

Olivia is our trending esor-rose infused water bottle with healing crystals. It helps rebalance and heal your body spiritually & emotionally. This Valentine's Day, extend gratitude to your clients and employees with this lovely present. It will not only make for a great keepsake but will also qualify as a memorable gift for the recipients. 

This Valentine’s Day, prioritize relationship building with your employees and convey the importance of love as you thank your clients for supporting your journey. 

For more details on customized corporate gifts in the GTA area or North America in general, contact our team. 

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