Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Treasure Forever

Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Treasure Forever

With Mother’s Day approaching fast, it's time to celebrate the mothers in our lives. From your lovely biological mother to your very dear grandmother. From your favorite aunt who was there to support your decisions throughout the years to your eldest sister who has been nothing less than a motherly figure, we all have someone to look up to and someone who has contributed to our lives as a mother. Show your love to these special mothers in your life and make them feel just as grand and just as loved as they make you feel. 

Here's a list of beautiful Mother’s Day gifts for every mother in your life:


For the Mother:

This Mother’s Day honors the bond you share with your mother. Whether you are a son or a daughter looking to surprise her with a perfect Mother’s Day gift, something that symbolizes your relationship with her would be a thoughtful and unique gift. 

So, this Mother’s Day gift her Coco, an elegant arrangement of roses that last forever along with Denise, a delicate, single rose in a Parisian hatbox. Get these preserved rose gifts customized with matching rose colors to symbolize how you are the mini-version of your mother. Our 50-rose arrangement Coco is designed to depict the growing bond children share with their mothers. It is a meaningful Mother’s Day gift idea to thank her for being beautiful inside out and honor her brought up. 

Whether she places it on her bedroom nightstand, her vanity, or her office, these beautiful forever roses will remind her of the inspiration she is for you guys. 


For the Grandmother:

Melt your grandmother’s heart away this Mother’s Day with a thoughtful gift that she will treasure forever. Make a customized frame holding your favorite picture with her and pair it with Cleo, our healing crystal gift. Featuring an elegant glass terrarium with eternal roses, preserved moss, and healing crystals-covered trees, it qualifies as one of the best gift ideas for grandmothers. That is to say, the healing crystals will promote positive energy that helps eradicate negative energy to balance mind, body & soul, giving your lovely grandma a relaxing time. 

And not to forget, the preserved rose will last up to three years, acting as a beautiful reminder of your love and affection towards her.


For the Elder Sister:

Sisters always spoil their younger siblings in unnoticed ways. From supporting our decisions to convincing parents to letting us stay up late for a movie night on a weekday, there must be endless times when your elder sister took your side. So, this Mother’s Day thank her for being a super sister by getting her a meaningful gift that she will treasure forever. 

Here at Esor Atelier we curate preserved rose arrangements to symbolize all kinds of relationships. Similarly, our exclusively designed forever rose glass vessel, Mia captures the true essence of siblings. Featuring two vibrant eternal roses and rose quartz crystals encased in a glass vessel, it makes the perfect gift for sisters on Mother’s Day. The standing glass vessel design symbolizes how your sister stands by you every time. 

You can also get it customized with her favorite color rose and name engraving, making for a perfect personalized Mother’s Day gift for her. 


For the Wife:

Shower your wife who now plays a pivotal role in your kid’s life as a mother, with beautiful gestures of love this Mother’s Day. Begin the day with a statement preserved rose arrangement by Esor Atelier, sitting on her bedside, being the first thing she notices as soon as she wakes up. You can pick and customize our rose arrangement that lasts up to three years without water. Some of the most-loved Mother’s Day flower gifts include Lé Blanc and Chanel.

Later on in the day, plan a family surprise for her with your kids or take her out on an adventurous day including everything in the schedule she would love to do.


For the Aunt: 

Light up your aunt’s face this Mother’s Day with a special gift that comes right from your heart. Nevertheless, she is sure to love anything you choose for her. Be it a visit with her favorite floral bouquet that lasts up to three years or a box of chocolates and a rose-scented candle she would love to add to her candle collection. However, if you cannot pay her a visit for some reason, choose from our customized preserved rose arrangements for Mother’s Day and we will hand-deliver them to her with love and care. 

Audrey features a vibrant rose arrangement in a hatbox with a pearl string, a very thoughtful gift idea for aunts on Mother’s Day. And the best part? She can place them on her vanity, her entryway, or even her office desk as these environment-friendly preserved roses last long. 

For a memorable Mother’s Day, surprise your mother, grandmother, aunt, and sister with customized gifts. Start the day with a handwritten card, sharing what you love about them, your favorite memory with them, and anything else that touches their heart. And pair it with a custom forever rose arrangement by Esor Atelier. We have curated special Mother’s Day collection flower arrangements to help you pick gifts that she will treasure forever.

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