5 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special On Mother's Day

5 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special On Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is not always about kids expressing their love towards mothers, it is equally about husbands going an extra mile to make the mother of their children feel special. Be it about their early stages of motherhood or honoring their life-long journey as a mother, here are 5 ways to make Mother’s Day special for your wife:


Keep the house clean 

Mother’s Day is all about doing something for her and what better way to show your care than keeping the house clean right before she wakes up. Get up early and make sure everything is sitting in its place, the house is tidy, the dishes are done, and laundry is kept away just the way she likes. And to add a special touch, light up a scented rose candle in the living room so that she wakes up to a beautifully smelling house.  

Breakfast in bed 

Pamper your wife to a decadent breakfast in bed. Recreate her favorite breakfast recipes, be it something as simple as a boiled egg or as fancy as a shakshuka, worry not, as the thought itself will leave her in love. So, layout everything on a tray and take it a level up with a delightful preserved mum gift that is sure to leave her smiling. Encapsulated in a clear acrylic box, this baby purple mum is sitting on a bed of pearls, symbolizing the purity and grace of motherhood. 

Handwritten love notes from the kids 

The birth of a child brings endless joys to a mother and what better way to make her feel special than cute hand-written notes from the kids? Gather your kids if they are old enough to write a and ask them to pen down their favorite memory with mama and things, they love about her the most. If you have a toddler who cannot write, then you can write on their behalf and make it even cuter. The best way to present her the notes is to tie each note to a long stem preserved rose that lasts up to three years. Place the roses and the notes around her bedside or her vanity, you can also hide each one at a different spot and wait for her to find them. 

These notes will be a great keepsake that she will cherish forever, and the long-lasting roses will remind her of this special day. Take her out for dinner

Mothers always keep themselves busy taking care of the family, especially when it comes to preparing meals. This Mother’s Day, make your wife feel special by ensuring she does not have to worry about cooking for the day, make a reservation at her favorite restaurant and take her out to eat. And if you wish to experiment with your cooking skills at home then surprise her with a lovely dinner spread. 

Memorable Gift

And to end the day on a memorable note, gift her a vibrant preserved rose arrangement in a hatbox with her favorite rose color. These real roses last for up to three years and will surely remind your wife of this special day each time. And the hatbox can later be used in a sustainable way to store her accessories. You can also customize our Mother’s Day rose arrangements with name decals and personalized gift wrapping. 

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