Roses carry so much meaning and make an everlasting impact on the receiver. Esor Ateliers' Preserved Roses take it one step further by conserving that special moment. No matter the occasion, we have a gift that delivers your message every day – for at least an year!

Romance - Red Preserved Rose

What better way to tell someone you love them? Red Preserved roses are a constant reminder of the loved one, the moment and the emotion.

Encouragement - Orange Preserved Rose

Orange preserved roses emits enthusiasm – perfect way to say good luck and congratulate someone on a new endeavor. It will bring the receiver joy and encouragement for a long time.

Appreciation - Pink Preserved Rose

Perfect way of telling someone thank you. It is a daily reminder of how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them. 

Friendship - Yellow Preserved Rose

Giving someone flowers will surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. Getting them yellow preserved rose means that person brings just as much cheer to your life and that you value their friendship a lot.

Purity - White Preserved Rose

This makes a perfect “Thinking of You” statement. It is pure and conveys many sentiments. Fresh start for someone moving into a new place. A pick me up for a friend or a loved one in the hospital or on the road to recovery. Well wishes for a hostess and so on.

Why stop at one color? You can mix colors – even exotic ones like blue, black and gold to make a bold impression. The possibilities are endless.

Hope this helps you to pick out your next Esor Ateliers' preserved rose arrangement.

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