Flowers instantly brighten up the room. Not only do they bring freshness and vibrance to any space but also joy to the receiver. Don’t we all wish to wake up to fresh flowers every day? But who has the time to maintain them daily and change the water? To keep replacing them weekly is also a pricey endeavour.

Esor Ateliers' eternal (preserved) roses are your saviour. Our preserved rose arrangements come in a variety of beautiful colours and look fresh at least for a year with minimum upkeep. Here are 5 tips on how to instantly give your décor a facelift with preserved rose arrangements. 

Dine with Roses: Place an Esor Atelier preserved rose arrangement on your dining table or breakfast bar. Enjoy them while sipping on your morning coffee or while sharing a meal with family or friends. Having preserved roses beautifully displayed will make you and your guests feel more welcome and relaxed.

Bedtime with Roses: Have an Esor Atelier preserved rose arrangement on your night stand, maybe with a journal or book. And now you have an Instagram worthy sight to wake up to and look over right before going to sleep in your bedroom.

Relax with Roses: Turn your bathroom into a spa by placing an Esor Atelier preserved rose arrangement on display – away from water of course! They will for sure enhance your mood when you draw yourself a cozy bath after a hectic week.

Or enhance your meditation session by placing a candle, healing crystals and Preserved Rose arrangement on a decorative tray for each use. You will be looking forward to pulling out that yoga mat!

You can also style your vanity by placing preserved roses in front of the mirror next to your make-up brushes to remind you to keep smiling.

Work with Roses: Have a box of preserved roses set-up at your work station at home alongside your supplies to uplift and motivate you throughout the day. Esor Atelier preserved rose arrangements will keep you at ease while talking to clients and chasing those deadlines.

We hope we’ve inspired you to bring home an Esor Atelier preserved rose arrangement and benefit by having them in sight, rather than in some forgotten corner in the house. 

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