Holiday Gift Guide For Family

Holiday Gift Guide For Family

Holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones. And at the core, holiday shopping is one thing that brings the fun element to Christmas as you shop for thoughtful family gifts. And when it comes to parents, then the job requires even more attention, because just as special as parents are, they deserve to receive special gifts too. 

Here is our list of unique Holiday gifts for parents  to help guide your Christmas shopping. 

Exclusive Holiday Gifts for Mothers at Esor:

Featuring a loving portrait of mother-daughter duo, Charlotte qualifies as the best holiday gift for mothers. This hand drawn sketch is completed with natural dried carnation flowers for attire with hints of glitter accents throughout the painting, all embedded in resin. A perfect gift to make your mother smile with happy tears.

Mothers usually love hanging out with their friends, either they go to fancy brunches or do yoga together. So, why not get something special that will be both practical and thoughtful. 

Olivia is our trending esor-rose infused water bottle with healing crystals. It helps rebalance and heal your body spiritually & emotionally. This holiday season, surprise your mother with this beautiful water bottle that will not only be a lovely keepsake but will help keep her hydration levels high while instilling a positive aura through the healing crystals. 

Exclusive Holiday Gifts for Fathers at Esor:

Since fathers love munching and trying out new treats, why not surprise him with a truck load of goodies? 

Enzo is handcrafted with love, care and calories. Featuring a vintage 1920 truck that can surely make its way to your dad’s vintage collectables, this piece has fine blank tea from Sri Lanka for his early morning tea, Barista’s Cappuccino for his evenings, Hazelnut Wafers for his mid-day cravings and caramel Popcorns for his midnight movie munching. 

In addition to this, you can also check out our preserved rose puppy, Arthur, a unique gift idea for fathers who love pets. 

Exclusive Holiday Gifts for Sisters at Esor:

When it comes to holiday gift ideas for sisters, you must find something that is thoughtful and special.

Featuring a unique floral arrangement, Claudette is perfect for sisters. It will not only be a cute addition to your sister’s room, but the preserved roses will last up to three years. 

Another sister favorite at Esor is Cloe. Crafted with a chic gold ring vessel that contains 1 or 3 eternal roses (real roses that last 1-3 years) and nestled on Spanish preserved moss, this classic piece at Esor can also be customized as per your liking. You can either get a personalized ribbon with your sister’s name or get the vessel engraved.

Exclusive Holiday Gifts for Brothers at Esor:

Skip the boring cardigans, cufflinks and smart gadgets, and instead surprise your brother with something extra this holiday season. 

Here at Esor, we craft gifts with meanings. And Questa is one of our best sellers when it comes to holiday gifts. Crafted out of cement, this beautifully sculpted horse head encapsulates the beauty of Roman art. 

Amor is another floral masterpiece by Esor. his museum-inspired, Renaissance Era Statue's Head is sculpted out of solid cement symbolizing strength, a perfect gift for brothers this holiday season. 

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